A brief History of Hairpin legs: Form & Function

Where did these trendy table legs originate? It's a question you might have asked yourself at one point or another. Hairpin legs were created out of the necessity for limited materials, superior strength, and simplicity. Henry P. Glass first invented hairpin legs in 1941 and we're glad he did! Since their inception, hairpin legs have been used on many different furniture types and are most recognizable throughout mid-century modern design. It's no wonder that hairpin legs are so trendy however, as their versatility is unparalleled. The ability to furnish an entire home for very little is quite attractive to many people. The stunning look that hairpin legs can provide by taking something rather ordinary and transforming it into a piece that will likely hold it's value and provide joy for years to come is appealing.

Whether you're looking for simplicity in the design of your home, a modern classic, or something built purely for functionality, hairpin legs provide an endless amount of options and work great with almost anything. Add personality to your legs with powder coats, wax, paint, clear coat, the options are endless!

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