Order Guide

Q: Why Choose VHPL


1. We use only use the highest quality materials  available, sourced locally.

2. We care about our customers, and offer a lifetime guarantee on our products, should you have any issues, we are right here in Vancouver to take care of you.

3. Need a custom solution? We are often very accommodating and willing to suggest and address any concerns you may have prior to placing an order.

4. We simply love building products that last many lifetimes and believe the quality of the product you receive should reflect that.

Q: Do you offer local pickup?


Yes! Local pickup is available within Vancouver, simply select 'local pickup' on checkout and when your order is completed you will receive an email confirmation with pickup instructions. 

Q: Standard table height - Desks & Dining Tables


Dining tables and desks are typically 30" total height. We recommend using 28" table legs for most applications. This assumes a standard 2" table thickness. Adjust accordingly. 

Q: standard table height - coffee tables & benches


Most Coffee tables and benches are between 17"-18" total height.

We recommend 15" or 16" table legs. This assumes a standard 2" table top thickness. Adjust accordingly.

Q: Standard Table Height - Console / Entry Way Tables


Console tables range in requirements. Total height is typically between 33-35". We typically recommend 32 or 33" table legs. This assumes a 2" standard table top thickness. Adjust Accordingly.

Q: Standard table height - End Tables


The rule surrounding end tables is that the total height should be equal to or preferably just below the height of either sofa arms, or bedside. For this reason as applications vary, it is best to take measurements and decide what is best for your specific application. 

Q: How to mount table legs


Installation is quick and easy! Each hairpin leg has 6 precision drilled holes which attaches to your top with standard size #8 screws. Large flat steel legs have 8 - 1/4" holes and small flat steel have 4 -1/4" holes per leg. 

Q: Choosing a finish


For those looking for the most cost-effective option, we recommend raw steel, however – please note this will oxidize and rust over time. That being said, the rust that can eventually occur is simply surface rust and takes time to be acquired. We recommend for those purchasing raw steel that a coating of some sort is eventually applied to the legs but this does not need to be done immediately.

If you'd like to protect your legs and ensure that they do not rust we recommend at the very least a clear-coat as this will both protect your table legs, and reduce and/or eliminate the likelihood of rust formation.

Powder-coating is used as both a superior method of protection while also adding a touch of color available in either black or white. 

Q: Shipping Cost


A: Shipping costs vary based on weight of the product.


Canada-Wide Standard Shipping

0.0 lb – 20.0 lb - $15.00

20.1 lb – 69.0 lb - $25.00

69.9 lb – 200.0 lb - $80.00

200.1 lb – 400.0 lb - $200.00

U.S. Standard Shipping

25.0 lb – 500.0 lb - $75.00

As all of our legs are made using solid steel shipping can vary from $15 (+tax) for a set of small hairpins to over $80 for large flat steel. We ship using Canada Post to most provinces and FedEX ground service to certain areas where Canada Post may exceed desired transit times. We use Canada Post Regular Parcel service to the 3 Territories. Package size, weight, location and handling determine our posted shipping rates which are subject to change.

Q: Lead-Time Information


Hairpin legs (Standard sizes - Raw Steel & Clear Coat)
1-7 business days
Hairpin legs (Custom sizes - Raw Steel & Clear Coat)
5-10 business days
Flat Steel & Tube Steel (Raw Steel & Clear Coat)
12-15 business days
All Powdercoated Items
12-18 business days

Lead-times are provided as estimates only and do vary on occasion. If special circumstances are required please check with us to make sure it is possible prior to placing your order.